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Resume Strategy: "Audience Analysis" (advanced approaches)

Most of us know that a strong resume includes metrics & quantifiable business results, and keywords from the target job description. That's resumes 101. Here's our resumes 201 lesson: "Advanced Audience Analysis Strategy."

We as recruiters - especially now, when application numbers are high - see as many as 1,000 to 2,000+ applications per job requisition. What stands out in addition to the basic fundamentals is when an applicant naturally writes their resume (and/or talks during an interview) like they're already in our industry, or even in our company. All the "isms" ... the lingo ... when that's integrated smoothly and organically into the applicant's communication, we start to consciously (and subconsciously) internalize that they're familiar, and potentially a fit. What do we specifically mean by this? For example:

- In healthcare, there are "patients" and "providers."

- In food production, there are "consumers" and "producers."

- In retail, there are "customers" and "suppliers."

- In finance, there are "customers" and "lenders."

This example highlighting business stakeholders just one dimension of many - think about where you could take this strategy when it comes to cross-functional work and other stakeholder collaboration, softwares, laws & regulations, knowledge of competitive landscapes, KPIs, etc . Our point is that if, for example, you are a Finance or Marketing professional wanting to pivot from retail to healthcare sectors, start speaking their language. Recognize the world in which they live and execute daily, and act like you already work there by getting on their level. When you accomplish that, you've successfully performed audience analysis and capitalized on its ability to shape your outcome. #BeCareerForward

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