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Still Wondering A Few Things?

Perhaps We Can Clarify Further: 

perhaps we can clarify further:

What do you mean by "career acquisition" coaching?

We mean: the specific goal and journey of landing the job (and securing the best offer). Whereas 'career coaches' focus on options and paths; and 'job search strategists' help with navigating the market; our approach covers the market navigation yet is best-suited for an individual with the linear position: "I know my path, and I want to beat the competition. I want the tools to win and the ability to secure the best package for myself."


As recruiters who coach, can you hire individual clients for your open jobs, or consider them for career placement?

Our coaching staff does have open jobs at the various companies for whom we consult as recruiters. However, we do not advertise "career placement," as it may not occur very often. The reason: recruiters, in general, serve a specific functional or industry niche (e.g. hiring for Finance & Accounting, IT, the manufacturing industry, the retail industry, etc.), and we are no different. Because our individual clients come to us from a variety of professions and industries, it is virtually impossible to be both coaching and recruiter-driven outplacement unless you are a large, full-service firm with multiple disciplines. We are not, and we don't aspire to be. 


If our individual clients happen to potentially fit specific jobs that our coaches have open within their specializations, we can facilitate consideration. Our staff also communicates regularly about the backgrounds of the individuals we coach, specifically to determine potential matches to open jobs. 

That said, 4SIGHT COACHING's main service and value proposition is our unique hiring knowledge as the "job gatekeepers," and our expertise that we translate into tangible tools and advantages for job seekers. If anyone fits our open jobs as recruiters . . . that's an added bonus. And since we're recruiters, we can tell you how to best work with recruiters (from our perspective), and how to best network with success leveraging the most effective avenues and approaches. 

[Business Services]: How much lead time do you require?

We recommend engaging with us to start the planning and pre-onboarding processes at least 1 week prior to service delivery. (This allows us to mail you our program materials for each person). However, if our business client has all the requirements and details prepared, we can fully pre-onboard virtually, and be ready the day before. 

[Business Services]: What if our employees don't participate? 

Everyone offered our service is sent welcome materials, and we contact them multiple times by phone and email to initiate their program. If they do not participate within 30 days, we refund you 50% of their individual participant fee, and their program reservation is cancelled. 

What exactly can and can't you help with? 

Good question. Here's our best efforts to break things down: 

What we can help with . . . our tangible outcome goals:

  • landing more interviews through an improved resume and/or LinkedIn profile.  

  • better interview performance through our valuable recruiter perspectives, and more offers.

  • confidence with salary negotiation, and ultimately, a higher number. 

  • improved approaches & results with professional networking and informational meetings. 

  • holistic application of principles learned and developed with our coaching throughout the rest of your career, ultimately resulting in a stronger, higher-performing you. 

What we end up helping with . . . as a natural / secondary benefit: 

  • grappling with, understanding, and accepting what can be a difficult career and life situation, and moving forward with clarity and confidence. 

  • sometimes, our discussions lightly venture into the realm of career counseling or coaching. However, our services are most valuable when our individual clients have identified their specific career targets, and are ready to apply and interview. 

What we do not help with . . . either by choice or circumstance: 

  • though it may occur through networking, our business model is not to push our individual clients to networks of recruiters. That is more in traditional outplacement. 

  • those "I don't know what I want to do now...please help!" discussions, if someone is completely at square one. That lies more in career counseling.

  • those "I know where I want to be, but I can't seem to get there..." discussions. That lies more in career coaching.


Essentially, once you have a career target, we help you at the most critical moments. 

Can you guarantee results? 

Unfortunately, we - like other coaching and recruiting services - cannot guarantee actual hiring results because there are too many unknowns. Example 1: we coach you, but we are not present during your actual interviews. It is still your responsibility to perform well, apply what you've learned in the moment, and secure the opportunity. Example 2: we do not know what other candidate competition exists as you apply and interview. 

We do, however, guarantee that our participants will leave better-off after our coaching. And we are very confident that most everyone will feel & perform this way. Yet, if any individual (non-business services) client does not feel better-off after our program, we will offer another service at no charge. And if desired, individual clients who invest in coaching with us (those privately-paying, versus sponsored by an employer) will receive a 70% refund of services paid-for, if they feel our guarantee was not fulfilled. 

Will you protect privacy and confidentiality? 

Yes, at all times. We are certified HR professionals accustomed to being bound by HR compliance and regulation. It is second nature to us to keep all information confidentially within our organization, from identity to contact information, to our simple knowledge of anyone's career situations, job searches and goals. Read our Privacy Policy for more information. 

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