Interview Coaching

Answer to "What is your biggest weakness?"


Take 4!


That's 1,040 to 3,120 per year. How often do YOU interview? 

Refine your pitch and prepare your discussion points beforehand with the help of a recruiter.

Recruiters typically interview 20 to 60 candidates each week.

Learn how to prepare for and succeed with salary negotiation and what exactly to say, behavioral-based interviews and being 'the closer' as a job candidate. Learn the best way to handle questions about your most challenging individual areas. 

The five minutes you spend asking the interviewers questions is as important as the 55 minutes you spend answering theirs. Discover a deeper world of thought process, information-gathering and overall strategy with the questions you can ask. 

Loved that candidate! They asked some IMPRESSIVE questions!

Great questions! I can tell they're a strategic thinker...

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30-minute general session and/or mock interview session w/ feedback​

45-minute general session and/or mock interview session w/ feedback

60-minute general session and/or mock interview session w/ feedback

Ongoing email communication accessibility after any service for 30 days

(We recommend this option if individuals wish to follow-up with us regarding additional questions and/or clarifications). 







(1) Undergraduate students & veterans receive a 50% discount. Must provide ID including dates of enrollment and/or service. 

(2) With the exception of our employer-sponsored "Business Services" package, we do not provide ongoing follow-up accessibility via email, phone or text message. If our individual clients wish to communicate after they invest in our services, they must add the "Ongoing email communication accessibility for 30 days" option. 

You will be directed to our booking page. From there, you will provide us with more information about yourself and your specific objectives and questions. You will also upload your resume, share your target job application (if applicable), and initiate the appointment setting and payment processes. 
Questions beforehand? Send us a general inquiry below.