Here Are Just A Few:

"We recently connected with 4SIGHT COACHING for outplacement assistance for our organization. I would highly recommend their services ... professional, responsive, and action oriented. I would not hesitate to reach out to 4SIGHT COACHING for their outplacement or other services they offer." 

- Business services client (education institution)


"4SIGHT COACHING has been a valuable resource for our employees recently affected by a workforce reduction. We appreciate hearing about the care, expertise and support they've received. And some have found new positions."

- Business services client (software company)


"I invested $200 with 4SIGHT COACHING, and through the guidance came out with $3000 more in negotiated salary. I was obviously very happy with the result!"

- James (customer service manager)

"Your 'outplacement alternative' program is very unique, and has proven beneficial to our staff that was recently impacted. We would recommend 4SIGHT COACHING to other organizations."

- Business services client (nonprofit organization)

"I immediately started getting interviews after 4SIGHT COACHING's help. It was night and day! I have recommended him to several others I know."

- Erika (finance professional)

"I hadn't job searched in a decade, and with 4SIGHT's help after an unexpected lay-off I landed on my feet quickly. It's funny...I'd hired on my team, reviewed hundreds of resumes, interviewed dozens of people...but when it came to ME, I was rusty. Thank you!"

- Kelly (operations leader)

"Ben helped me land my first job, when it seemed like most of my graduating class was struggling. I appreciate all his help!"

- Eva (entry-level marketing)

"I had a lot riding on landing a new job, and 4SIGHT's help was absolutely critical to my success. Thanks!"

- Heather (healthcare administration)

"I spent 12 years working in New York City for a speciality retailer. When an opportunity for a new job in Minneapolis came up, I reached out to 4SIGHT for advice on the interview process. Ben guided me through preparing for the interview explaining what I could expect, and made me feel confident walking in that I was ready. When the time came to negotiate the job offer, he helped me communicate genuine interest, while asking for more money and benefits! I know I walked away with a better offer because of the value 4SIGHT added to the process."

Mitchelle (retail merchandising leader)


"4SIGHT COACHING helped me negotiate my starting salary with confidence, and I got more than I thought was possible. I have referred others to him as well."

- Jenn (social worker)

"4SIGHT helped guide my salary negotiations when I transitioned to a new firm in a different industry. Thanks to Ben's coaching and advice, I was able to negotiate a better contract. I would definitely work with 4SIGHT again!"

Peter (corporate writing professional)


"Ben makes things fun and relaxed, but also real. And his feedback and coaching was absolutely invaluable. It all suddenly clicked!" 

- Nick (corporate retail manager)

"4SIGHT assisted with formatting my resume in a way recruiters would quickly know what I do, what I am looking for and provided guidance on the fluidity of the resume. By making a few adjustments to a resume, the new resume resulted in an immediate response from a company and landed me a new career opportunity. Ben took the time to find the details that were missing from my resume, asked the questions necessary. I would recommend Ben to anyone who is need of resume assistance or career coaching as he is one of the best."

- Cassandra (HR professional)

"In my 25 plus year professional development career, my recruitment and transition was the most efficient and professional I have ever experienced. Ben was outstanding..." 

- Christian (non-profit executive)

"I had worked with career coaches before, and spoken with a lot of recruiters who've given me feedback over the years. Ben was by far the most knowledgeable and helpful with specific and clear insight on the things we all wonder about." 

- Tyler (management professional)


"I am ever thankful for Ben's tremendous help with the transition and his continued professionalism." 

- Brett (digital marketing)

"Ben was a great resource for me during my job hunt. He helped me along both with my thinking on my career options and with tapping into job searching resources that I didn't know I had available."

- Mary (volunteer manager)


"Ben was fantastic to work with – he took the time to understand me and my background. Ben’s energetic and kind demeanor is a welcome trait for anyone..."

- Erica (foods business manager)

"Ben Foster is on top of his profession. He helped me land a terrific job! His communication style is professional, timely, approachable, and accurate. He'll tell you what you need to know, through coaching and recommendations. I respect Ben for his talent and approach to his work." 

- Colleen (marketing professional)


"I have recommended Ben to a number of people and hope they find as much success with him as I have."

- Katie (PR professional)


"I landed my current position with Ben's help and I couldn't be happier with the fit."

- Sean (corporate marketing)


"Ben is so wonderful to work with. His personable nature, kindness and work ethic makes him among the best in his industry. Ben works with great detail and efficiency providing exceptional care and service. Ben was hands down the best I have ever worked with. He ultimately gave me the exact experience I was looking for." 

- Kevin (sales executive)


"Ben is overflowing with knowledge and useful insights. His creativity, his ability to effectively articulate his thoughts and his hard work and dedication never cease to amaze and inspire me and everyone he works with!"

- Maria (educator)

"There are no words to describe Ben's people skills. I have learned so much about networking from him. One of the best networkers that I have met."

- Mitchell (strategy professional)


"Ben is so dedicated to his work. Ben's innate talent to network and relationship-build is admirable and inspiring because it is so genuine."

- Nikki (speech pathologist)


"Ben helped me switch companies, and asking him questions about salary negotiation was extremely helpful. I felt prepared, and realized it's not as nerve-wracking as I thought."

- Steve (accounting professional)


"My whole outlook on job searching and interviewing changed after speaking with 4SIGHT COACHING. I really feel that what I learned about optimizing my resume will make me a stronger writer, and that I can now present with better confidence."

- Carlos (administrative professional)