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A Certified Minority Business Enterprise


It's About

Care & Culture

At this critical time, the best way to care for your people - both separated and those remaining - is to offer solutions that provide real value & impact. 

As a modern alternative to outplacement, we're a bit disruptive. Traditional outplacement is an expense without a guarantee. 4SIGHT COACHING is an investment that guarantees an advantage for your people, facilitated by recruiters who coach. And our affordability will surprise you. 

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It's About

Many business leaders forget that alumni impact an organization's reputation oftentimes more so than current employees.

Team members who are provided outplacement or career assistance following a separation are less likely to hold a negative perception of their former employer after the event, and are less likely to post negative public reviews on digital forums. Moreover, morale of remaining employees remains high, keeping your company moving forward. 

It's About
Who We Are

Out placement consultants at many larger, blue chip firms are commonly former HR heads, career services professionals or educators.

4SIGHT's staff split our time between coaching individuals & managing open positions as recruiting consultants at several major organizations. We are not bound by certain organizational or industry biases, nor limited in knowledge of certain sectors. There is no one else closer to hiring trends across multiple sectors & functions, and no one more credentialed than us.


It's About ROI

We all mind organizational spend during uncertain markets. Full-service outplacement at $2,500 to $5,000 per employee isn't always the best choice. We're not traditional outplacement. We don't try to be, and you don't pay the margin for it.

Web-based solutions with career portals, networking communities and skills-building assessments can be crowd-sourced for free these days. And they don't truly help if the individual doesn't have the recruiter-driven tools to stand out amidst their competition.

Details & Pricing


per employee



Resume optimization


LinkedIn optimization

Extended open coaching

Unlimited email accessibility


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