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Coaching From The
Front Lines Of Hiring

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Our Mission 

Disrupting our industry, 4SIGHT's mission is to deliver coaching & outplacement services better than we've seen before. Additionally, we strive to make them highly accessible to individuals and organizations. 4SIGHT is proud to  claim that our guidance and expertise has helped individuals secure positions at prestigious corporations such as Amazon, Facebook and Target Corporation; at high-growth startups and healthy mid-market organizations; and at several nonprofit organizations.


Better Than Before

Traditional outplacement consultants are commonly former HR executives and/or career coaches. They are not actively reviewing resumes, conducting interviews nor making hiring decisions like our recruiters who coach. While traditional outplacement spends time networking to procure hopeful opportunities for individuals, 4SIGHT works directly with individuals "steering their own career ship," providing an unmatched advantage so they beat the competition. Having a SHRM & HRCI-certified recruiter in one's corner is a better way to achieve better career placement. And no matter what access to open jobs, career portals, or networking seminars ... if the individual cannot stand out against the competition when interfacing directly with the employer, none of those pathways to reach the employer matter. We coach to stand out, and to win the job.

4SIGHT's Practice Lead, Ben Foster (PHR, CDR, CSP) brings the critical perspective of in-house Fortune 50 through 500 recruiting within the commercial sector, as well as extensive experience serving global non-profit organizations & NGOs, mid-market businesses and startups. He has served as a campus recruiter through executive talent acquisition consultant, and actively works with entry through VP & C-level talent across a myriad of business sectors and functions.

Highly Accessible

We believe that every professional and displaced employee deserves accessibility to services, and that every organization deserves the opportunity to provide them. We've designed our investment levels to achieve this. And especially during this unforeseen period of Covid-19, we simply value service over profit margins.

Our Associates & Our Passion

Each of our virtually-based associates has at least 10 years of recruiting experience including high-volume internal hiring, and has completed Bachelor's through Master's Degrees. We have worked with individuals from nearly every sector and business function, from hourly customer service to Director, VP and C-level executives.

Within our combined
120+ years of hiring, our boutique team has collectively viewed over 2 million resumes, hired over 20,000 individuals and coached thousands.

Finally, we are all passionate about what we do. We deal with peoples' lives, and we view our work as an honor and a privilege. We thank you for the opportunity to help shape lives.

It is our goal to make the experience for our clients rich with valuable content, worthwhile, and run with a professional, easygoing candor.


A combined 120+ years of recruiting & coaching experience.




Our boutique team has collectively viewed over 2 million resumes.

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Hired over 20,000 individuals and coached thousands.

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