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Standout Resume Advice

On resumes: most of us know the fundamentals (e.g. quantify things, insert business metrics & results, don't clutter, highlight successful launches, etc.). Here are some more unique snippets of advice I've compiled, related to the softer traits that have stood out to me and my hiring teams over the years. Oftentimes, when multiple strong candidates have been interviewed, these have made the difference between hired and runner-up.

Executives: Aside from being more critical of business metrics around EBITDA or other mission-critical quantifiers, I really appreciate a two traits of executive resumes: (1) seeing what type of CHANGE MANAGEMENT they have under their belt (with specific references to the prior/newer models); (2) patterns & indicators of COURAGE. Yes, there are more, but if I personally had to pick one thing to read about and discuss with exec candidates - that indicates capability - it’d be change management and the courage to lead business transformation.

Mid-level / Managers: Mind 'the who.' At these tactical levels, it's all about cross-functional collaboration, and influencing/managing-up. What stands out to me is seeing someone who is thoughtful & intentional about citing with whom they're tackling and solving business problems. So when I read, "Built & leveraged partnerships with [XYZ teams], [ABC external partners/platforms], [etc.] to [insert amazing results here]..." I know the individual is thoughtful about their relationships, and how they partner to execute on goals.

College Students: Two things, and sorry, they don't involve the actual writing of your resume at all. (1) Start brainstorming about internships freshman year, and pursuing them by sophomore year. Your graduating self will thank you. (2) Be curious, and start practicing acting on it, practicing 'the ask.' This is, in fact, networking. Learn it early.

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